4th Grade Promotional Standards


In order for a student to be promoted to the 5th grade, they will need to meet ALL of the standards established by the promotion standards including the following:
1. Students MUST pass ALL core classes (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) with more than 70% of all standards for each subject mastered.

2. Students MUST have 95% attendance 
3. Students MUST score 60% or higher on Benchmark 4 or the Summer School EOC Test, or should score Proficient or Advanced on the State MAP Tests in ELA, Math and Science.

4. Students MUST be reading at a Level T.

5. Students MUST hold a SRI score between 625-650.  

6. Students MUST receive recommendation for promotion from their grade level team and principal, based on satisfactory classroom performance throughout the current school year. Administration must approve all team decisions.



University Academy does not offer social promotion.

At every grade level, there are specific requirements for promotion to the next grade.

(2019-2020 Parent-Student Handbook)