Helpful Websites




This is the #1 website that will help your scholar succeed.  University Academy uses SI for benchmark testing which is one of b the indicators to be met for grade level promotion.  SI provides scholars with every Missouri Learning Standard we teach in

class so they can be practiced at home on any device (computer, tablet, mobile).

Your child's login with be his/her first 
and last name @ UA and their password will be .k12345.
For example:



Read Theory is a great way for your child to practice their reading skills at home while moving them through the different levels as needed.  Click on the link below then follow these prompts:

1. Students navigate to in their internet browser on any device (computer, tablet, mobile).

2. Students sign up.

3. Students log in.

4. Students go to the the "My Teachers" page.

5. Students enter Mrs. Sahrs' email address ( ) in the space provided.

6. Students click the "Send Invitation" button.



This is a wonderful website that helps students gain knowledge in the process of math by showing how to perform the problems step by step in videos.