Virtual     Learning

Welcome to virtual learning!!

Thank you for being so patient throughout this new process.  Your scholar has learned a lot this year and we will continue to do our best to teach new standards and topics without overwhelming them or you.  We are all in this together and I can't wait to see your scholar put their knowledge into this new forum of learning.  This is their chance to show what they know and build upon it!

At the top of the screen you can see there are different tabs.  If you click on Virtual Learning you will see that there are sub-tabs with each week of our learning on them so scholars will know what they are to do that week.  All tasks will be put into the current week's folder and the scholars will have all week to complete them, I just ask that they are completed by 11:59pm Friday evenings.  This will give scholars ample time to work and be a kid :-)

Monday, March 23rd is our first day of school.  This week will be for exploring and "Getting to know" how things will work.  This includes getting logged into websites, entering class codes, asking questions, etc.  I am going to be as flexible as possible. There will be no tests this first week to check for mastery.  Think of this as a "Back to School" fun week!

I will be logging scholar participation (not completion) daily.  It is important to get logged into any websites as soon as you can.

Each scholar will receive an email on their university academy email with their logins and passwords.

I will be available daily if you or your scholar has any questions.  CLASS DOJO WILL BE MY PRIMARY ACCOUNT FOR COMMUNICATION.


I know this can seem overwhelming right now but please know that I am right there with you.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you feel confused or need help.  I may not have all the answers but I will do my best to find them for you.  Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.  This too shall pass.

As always, you are much appreciated!

-Ms. Sahr


This will be my main source of communication for reminders, questions and answers between us all.  



Class Code: n362526

This is where the majority of the assignments will be completed.  This is a new website for our class.  Here, you will find documents for daily work that Ms. Sahr assigns.  Please watch the tutorial below for getting into Google Classroom and starting your first weekly assignment.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on Google Classroom



This will be where scholars will practice and assess over current 4th grade math and ELA standards.  There will be at least 1 assignment/assessment per week beginning the second week of virtual learning.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on Study Island



Class Code: Q4BXWANZ

This is a great site for math containing practice and how-to videos.  We will be practicing on this site most weeks.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on Khan Academy



Class Code: FXNNXJ

This is a great site for math containing practice and games.  

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on Splash Learn



Class Code: UF2N3R

This is a great site for math containing practice and games.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on Zearn



Class Code: SAHRF9

This is a great site for math, ELA, science, and social studies.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on Freckle


Contact Me

Amber Sahrs

Tel: 816-412-5900



University Academy

6801 Holmes Rd

Kansas City, Mo 64131

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